Basement Waterproofing on Long Island During the Summer?

Basement Waterproofing on Long Island during the summer months is probably not the fun activity you were thinking of. While your basement may smell funky and look like a bog from Star Wars, summers are normally mean for beaches and volleyball.

Basement Waterproofing on Long Island

But, just like the other seasons, you still have rain and the potential of water leaking through the foundation. If you happen to live on the south shore of Long Island, the potential to have a lake in your home does increase drastically.

Even if you do not live on the south shore, there are areas in Suffolk and Nassau county where the water tables are quite high. In these sections of the Island, you will also have problems with water entering your basement. This can be in a private home or in a building. Basement leaks are an equal opportunity nuisance.

So even if you are not looking for basement waterproofing on Long Island, you may be pushed into a position where this may be unavoidable.If you are considering on converting any part of your home basement into a living space, you will need to deal with a water issues first.

What you don’t want to do is to pour in tons of money making the most awesome man cave on the planet, to have it ruined. All you need is one wet summer or a very snowy winter. When the snow starts to melt in the spring combined with the rains, you had better get a row boat ready.

Getting basement waterproofing on Long Island before you do any remodeling is like laying the foundation of a new home. Laying the foundation is more important the the floors, the walls, or even the roof. Without a properly laid foundation, the house will have severe structural issues. In extreme cases, it may even collapse. This same analysis be be used with finishing  your basement. Without proper waterproofing, you may be wasting many thousands of dollars.

So don’t wait till it’s too late. Not that it will ever be too late to have basement waterproofing on long island. What I mean by “too late” is keeping your costs as low as possible. It is better to deal with foundation problems early then to just let them fester and build up over time.

There are plenty of contractors you can call on Long Island to inspect your basement and give you a free estimate. Be careful of the companies that want to sell you a french drain system.

While that may be necessary, always ask about different options.